Our services


In every purchase, it is always advisable to hire the specialized services of an advisory. Mediterraneo Consulters offers its experience to cover your needs in the purchase of a property, whether new or second-hand, through legal representation in all types of private and public documents. Ensuring that the entire purchase process follows the current legal regulations. Especially these procedures:

  • Check ownership of the property subject to purchase.
  • Check the status of outstanding debts or charges on it.
  • Check that the property has the relevant licenses (energy certificate, habitability, etc).
  • Contract water and electricity supplies once granted public deed in favor of the buyer.
  • Notification, change of ownership and request for the direct debit at the Suma office.
  • Notification and change of ownership at the Administrator office about the community of owners.
  • Registration in the Spanish Tax Administration.
  • Hiring a home insurance for the property.


Through the power of attorney we can act on your behalf in numerous proceedings before oficial organizations. Such as notary purchases (with or without a mortgage loan); contracting supplies of water, electricity, gas, etc; procedures at the Suma office; procedures with the communities of owners; as well as acting as your tax representative in Spain.
The power of attorney may be granted before a notary in Spain, or in your country. In that case we would send you a form with instructions on how to do it.


It is the personal identification number that any foreign person (resident or non-resident in Spain) must obtain for the payment of any fee or tax in Spain, for example, at the purchase of a property or vehicle. According to current legal regulations, today the NIE may also be required for other types of contracts, such as telephone or internet.

mortgage loan processing:

In case you want to finance your purchase through a mortgage loan, we can mediate with Spanish banks and advise you on the best possible option.


When you acquire a property in Spain as a non-resident, according to the current law, you must have a legal representative based in Spain. Our office offers this service through tax representation, presenting tax returns and documentation to the Public and Tax Administration, and providing you tax advice during the current fiscal year.
As a non-resident, you are required to pay taxes annually to the Spanish Tax Agency for the special tax on non-resident income. As well as to the local management office (SUMA) for real estate tax (IBI).


Although it is not mandatory, it is recommended to grant a will once you purchase a property in Spain, even if you have previously granted a will in your country.
This document is written both in Spanish and in your language, signed before a notary and registered in the national registry of last wills.
In the case of owning a property while being married in a community property marriage, it must be granted a will per each owner.


We advise you and carry out all the necessary procedures for the award of inheritance, in case of death of an owner or owners of a property in Spain. Also in a donation of a property to its heirs or third parties. So the property can be registered later in the name of the new owners. We will also help you to cancel the bank accounts in Spain and send the funds to your country, or to the new account holders in Spain.


When making reforms at your property you should be aware of the current urban planning law in your town. And depending on the grade of the reform, it will be required a ‘minor building license’ (without structural changes) or ‘major building license’ (if there is a structural changes).
We recommend consulting with us before carrying out any type of reform, since it will not only be necessary the building license, but also the approval of the community of neighbors (if any), and obtain the certificate of urban infraction.


If you want to start a business in Spain, you can do it as a 'freelance worker' ('autonomo') or as a company. We advise you the most convenient fiscal way for your business, and we process your tax registration at the Social Security Agency.


We collaborate with sworn translators to carry out official sworn translations or for private documents that you need.